Nurse Clinics

Our wonderful nurses offer free clinics

Find out more about what advice and services our nurse clinics provide.

  • Puppy & Kitten Check-up
  • Adolescent Health Checks
  • Dental Clinics
  • Weight Clinic
  • Flea and Worm Treatments
  • Puppy Socialisation Classes

Puppy & Kitten Check-up

Get a health check and discuss how to care for your new arrival.


  • diet
  • worms
  • flea
  • training

Get your free puppy or kitten pack. 

Charge - Free 

Adolescent Health Checks

Health check for your youngster and to discuss:

  • neutering
  • diet
  • oral care

To ensure he/she is developing and growing into a happy healthy pet.

Charge - Free 

Dental Clinics

Oral hygiene check for pets with smelly breath or to find how to keep your pet's teeth pearly white. Post dental check ups included.

Charge - Free 

Weight Clinic

If your pet needs to lose a few pounds, we can help you with a diet plan, selecting the correct food and regular weigh ins to keep your pet on the right track.

Charge - Free 

Flea and Worm Treatments

Find out what treatments are needed for your pet's lifestyle and administration of treatments for those hard to handle pets.

Charge - Cost of Treatment Only 

Puppy Socialisation Classes

A great opportunity to socialise your new puppy. Advice given on many topics including training.

Contact clinic for upcoming dates and bookings.

Charge - Free

Appointments can be made via telephone or in person: please ask for a nurse clinic consult. In all clinics, animals will be weighed and given a general health check, any problems noticed will be referred to a vet for further examination and treatment.

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