Cherrywood Veterinary Clinic provides a wide variety of services for the entire region

All you would expect from a modern Vet

Our vets will listen to your concerns and find the best possible solution for your problem. Of course, emergencies are always looked after as soon as possible.

Our Services Include:

Weight Management

Adolescent Health Checks

Puppy Socialising

Minor and Major Surgery

  • Puppy or Kitten check-up
  • Adolescent health checks
  • Dental Clinics
  • Weight Clinic
  • Flea and worm treatments
  • Puppy socialisation classes
  • Surgery

Puppy or Kitten check-up

Get a health check and discuss how to care for your new arrival.

Includes advice on:

  • diet
  • worming
  • fleas
  • training

Get your free puppy or kitten pack.

Adolescent health checks

Health check for your youngster and to discuss neutering, diet and oral care to ensure he/she is developing and growing into a happy and healthy pet.

Other areas of speciality include:

  • dermatology
  • gastroenterology
  • nephrology
  • neurology
  • endocrinology

We also have several preventative health care programs, including:

  • vaccinations
  • parasite control
  • skin care
  • nutrition

Keep your pet healthy and have him or her checked regularly.

Dental Clinics

Oral hygiene check for pets with smelly breath or to find out how to keep your pet’s teeth pearly white. Post dental check ups included.

Weight Clinic

If your pet needs to lose a few pounds, we can help you with a diet plan, selecting the correct food and regular weigh ins to keep your pet on the right track.

Flea and worm treatments

Find out what treatments are needed for your pet’s lifestyle and administration of treatments for those hard to handle pets.

Puppy socialisation classes

A great opportunity to socialise your new puppy. Advice given on many new topics including training. Contact clinic for upcoming dates and bookings.


Sometimes it is necessary to perform surgery on your pet.

We can provide:

  • soft tissue
  • orthopaedic surgery
  • dentistry
  • clinical laboratory services
  • several other surgical treatments

 All surgical procedures are undertaken by professionals whose primary concern is the health, happiness and well being of your pet.

For more information, please contact our practice.

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